Top 5 running tracks in Auckland - as voted by you!

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The Ports of Auckland Round the Bays run is just around the corner and we are here to help!

Celebrating the city's famed fun run event we've compiled these Facebook favourite Auckland runs.

Here are 5 top running tracks, chosen by Ports of Auckland Round the Bays runners, that will help you enjoy getting in shape for the 8.4km walk or run.




1. One Tree Hill

This central Auckland runner's paradise has it all, beauty, tranquility . . . sheep, cows and chickens.

Much of One Tree Hill/Cornwall Park is a working farm, watch out for the ankle-twister cattle grids.

The park is also popular with all types so share with care on the pathways running alongside the park's roads.

Start your run in Puriri Dr to give yourself a nice, flat 1km warm up before hitting the parkland's first rolling to steep hills.

2. Milford to Takapuna Beach

Sun, sand and surf. This beach to beach run will uplift your spirits while keeping you on your toes.

Varied footwork is needed over sand, asphalt, rocks and grass.

Runners also enjoy panoramic views of Rangitioto, it feels so close you could grab it.

There's also plenty of property porn, the run literally goes past the front yards of some of the country's most valuable seaside properties.

3. Omana Regional Park

This clifftop run out east in Maraetai gives you fantastic Hauraki Gulf views.

Mostly off road, this roughly 2.3km run through Omana Regional Park is perfect for repeat loops and doublebacks.

Take a few weeks to build up your endurance adding loops, three to four will set you right for RTB.

Be prepared to steeplechase fully extended dog leashes from ambling dog walkers.

4. Old Mangere Bridge run

Starting at the Onehunga end of the now car free, pedestrianised bridge, this takes you across the Manukau Harbour.

Greeting you south side is a little gem of a running route along pohutukawa lined Kiwi Esplanade.

Practically gradient-free, this 7.4km 'there-and-back' coastal run will take you to the edge of beautiful, wild Ambury Regional Park.

If you're in the mood why not swing through the park turnstile and follow one of the park's winding paddock tracks?

5. Tamaki Drive - aka Ports of Auckland Round the Bays

A poll favourite, you can pretty much run Ports of Auckland Round the Bays 365 days a year.

Come RTB day you'll know what you're in for.

In its own right magnificent Tamaki Drive's pedestrian and cycleway is a superb, flat easy run allowing you to cruise along. 

It's a great people-watching exercise too - but watch out for all the meandering cruise ship tourists liable to stop right in front of your for selfies.

Bonus track - Treadmill training

If you need a change from road runs, using a treadmill can change things up at your own pace.

Whether it's at the gym or at home, you're in control of not only how fast and long you run but also your incline.

Most treadmills also come loaded training programmes to help you work on everything from speed to endurance.

Fancier treadmills also let you watch your favourite television show or even movies.... Chariots of Fire or Run Lola Run?

Enter Ports of Auckland Round the Bays now if you haven't already!