Safety messages

  • No pets, bicycles, scooters, hand cycles, skates, skateboards or roller blades are permitted.

  • No poles or sharp objects.

  • If you come across an injured person, stop and render assistance, then inform a marshal at the next checkpoint

  • In an emergency dial 111

  • Adults must supervise children at all times

  • Take extreme care on the road, footpaths and paths – there are uneven surfaces including cracks, potholes and bumps

  • Although all roads on the course are closed to traffic, please watch for the presence of vehicles along the route, crossing your path, from behind and in front, at all times.

  • Participants must obey the instructions of police and course marshals. In an emergency police may stop runners to allow emergency vehicle access.

  • Walkers and pushers to the left, runners to the right

Aid stations

  • St John is located at the start, along the course near the water stations and at the finish.

  • There are water stations operating at the start, along the course and a Pump station at the finish line. Please don’t drop cups or bottles, use the recycling bins provided.

  • Portables toilets are located close to the start and finish areas, and at locations along the course.


  • Ensure you wear your race number on the front of your shirt with nothing covering it.

  • Please keep moving at the finish line and no stopping in front of the race clocks.