There are several start groups for the 2020 Ports of Auckland Round the Bays.

  • Groups need to assemble in different areas, indicated by coloured banners that match the colour of your bib.
    The event begins at 9.30am* (sounded by a cannon).
    The starting order is below:

    • Yellow Elite Wheelchair athletes – on the start line

    • Green Seeded Runners – on the start line

    • Blue (Runners) Group – 25m back from the start line and up to Tangihua Street

    • Red (Joggers) Group – between Tangihua Street and Britomart Place

    • Purple (Walkers) Group – between Britomart Place and Queen Street

  • It’s okay to start with family and friends in a slower group but please don’t start in what is expected to be a faster group i.e. don’t be a walker starting with the joggers.

  • After the start cannon there is no need to rush to start as your time is only recorded as you cross the start mats at the start line. Please do not jostle and push – take your time.

Bag Drop

Bag Drop is available at the start line on Tangihua St from 7.00 - 9.00am. All gear will be transported and be available for pick up at the finish line at Vellenoweth Green from 10.00am.

Cut off times: 
To ensure all roads can be fully operational for the public within the required times, the course will be progressively opened from the start line in stages.  Participants will need to be at the following points at these times:  5km to go mark at 11:00am, 3km to go mark at 11:30am, and 1km to go mark at 12:00 noon. 

If necessary on the day, these times may change and instructions from marshalling staff will be final.  If a participant is outside of the course cut off times the participant will be disqualified and must take responsibility for their actions and make their own arrangements for any support after this time. Stuff will not be obliged to refund any portion of the entry fee in such circumstances. 

*Please note the start time is subject to change and all participants must have crossed the start line prior to 10.15am, and completed the course at the finish by 12:15pm.

Due to the council requirements to re-open Tamaki Drive, you must cross the finish line by 12.15pm